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Medical Ear Piercing

Having your ears pierced is an important decision and can potentially have some negative health effects. There is a risk of infection: for example should the piercing be in the upper part of the ear where the stud must pass through cartilage any infection may cause a ‘cauliflower’ appearance to the ear. In addition to infection other possible complications include bleeding, pain, weeping and swelling.

It is important that the ear piercing procedure is conducted in a safe, clean environment using sterile equipment and ideally performed by medically trained clinicians.

The medical and nursing staff at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland have been asked on many occasions to recommend an ear-piercing facility, and decided to provide this service in a safe, clean and comfortable environment. The procedure is performed by trained nurses using hypo-allergenic materials.

For additional information regarding this procedure please consult with your Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

Price: €40